Sewer Drain Repair and Replacement

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Sewer Line and Drain Repair and Replacement

State of the Art Leak Detection Solutions Using Video Camera Inspection

We can get right inside of the pipes and drains throughout your Hartford County CT home or business They are hidden beneath the foundation of your home so we use a video camera inspection that finds those hidden leaks. Our licensed, industry certified plumbers understand older buildings and know where to look for those older clogs, like near trees or cracked cement. Call us at 860-614-7157 for in-line video inspection.

Types of Sewer Repairs

Joe the Plumber does more than just clear your drains—we repair and replace water and sewer lines to correct a number of problems, such as:

  • Broken or cracked pipes – damaged pipes due to shifting soil, settling, etc.
  • Corrosion – the pipe has deteriorated, causing collapses in the line and restricting flow.
  • Bellied pipe – a portion of the pipe has sunk due to ground or soil conditions.
  • Leaking joints – the seals between pipes have broken, allowing water to escape into the area surrounding the pipe.
  • Blockage – grease buildup, debris or even tree roots are restricting or prohibiting proper flow.
  • Root infiltration – tree or shrub roots have invaded the sewer line, preventing normal cleaning.

Why Choose Us?

If you’re looking for a fast, convenient way to repair your sewer line call Joe the Plumber. We have advanced tools and technology that can diagnose, repair or replace your old damaged pipes fast and efficiently. Our professionals respond quickly. We get the job done fast and we do it right.

  • We have the latest equipment like
    • Hydro Jet Cleaners
    • Underground Pipe Detection
    • Inspection Cameras
  • Comply with Connecticut and local construction codes
  • Maintain professional licenses and insurance
  • Clean up our work site before we leave

Call us at (860) 614-7157 for a consultation or schedule your appointment online.

Sewer Line Repair Hartford County

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