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Plumber in Ledyard CT

Looking For a Plumber in Ledyard CT?

When you’re looking for a plumber in Ledyard CT, you want a licensed professional with a reputation for quality results. When you’re committed to maintaining your home or business, you don’t take chances. Like most conscientious consumers, you search for a trustworthy plumber who is dedicated to doing every job right.

When you call Joe the Plumber, you get honest, hard-working plumbers who provide the plumbing solutions you need. We promise professional performance, quality workmanship, and dedicated customer service. We’re serious about plumbing, and we’ve worked hard to earn our customer’s trust.


Why Choose Us As Your Plumber in Ledyard CT?

Our licensed professionals have the training and experience to handle even the most complex plumbing job. We arrive on time and listen to your concerns. We inspect your plumbing systems and offer repair or replacement options. We follow consistently high standards every time.


  • CT Licensed plumbers
  • Fully insured and bonded
  • Highly-trained and experienced
  • Technologically advanced tools and equipment
  • Full job permit compliance
  • Workmanship guarantee
  • Appreciation for you, your home, and your time
  • Worksite clean-up
  • Dedicated customer support

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Plumbing Services We Offer in the Ledyard CT Area

Call Joe the Plumber when you have any type of plumbing problem. We handle a wide range of residential and commercial jobs.

Ledyard Cottage Openings and Closings

We simplify your seasonal cottage residency by performing opening and closing tasks. Before you arrive, our plumbers inspect and prepare your systems to ensure they function properly. After your departure, we service your plumbing to protect it during Connecticut’s tough winter weather.

Ledyard Drain and Sewer Clogs and Installation

You don’t notice the early signs of a drain or sewer clog because the problems often begin underground. Eventually, water backs up in your tub or your sinks instead of draining away. A sewer blockage often pushes raw sewage into your home’s lower level. At Joe the Plumber, our video inspection cameras help us detect underground sewer and drain problems. We eliminate blockages with commercial rooters, augers, or hydro-jetting equipment. If your system has extensive damage, root invasion, or a structural collapse, we provide system excavation and replacement.

Ledyard Residential Plumbing

We understand how the simplest residential plumbing problem can ruin your day. You expect water to flow from your faucets on demand. You need hot water for multiple tasks throughout the day. When you flush your toilet, you expect your sewage system to function properly. When your plumbing doesn’t work the way it should, we provide professional solutions to help get your day back on track.

Ledyard Commercial Plumbing

At Joe the Plumber, we consult with your contractor to help keep your new home construction process on track. We provide commercial construction assessments and consultation services. Our professional evaluations help subcontractors prevent plumbing installation issues.

Ledyard Hot Water Heater Installation and Repair

When your hot water heater stops working, it forces you to change your daily routine. Doing your laundry in cold water isn’t so bad, but icy showers take the inconvenience to a much higher level. At Joe the Plumber, we provide reliable solutions to restore your hot water as soon as possible. In many instances, we repair water heaters with quality parts. If your heater is past its useful life, we often recommend installing a new gas or electric model.

Ledyard Well Pump Installation and Repair

Our plumbers have the training and experience to resolve mechanical and electrical well pump problems. We inspect your pump, identify any malfunctions, and perform quality repairs. When you need a new pump, we install a replacement based on your specifications.

Ledyard Heating and Cooling System Installation and Repair

We take immense pride in offering superior heating and cooling system installation and repair services to clients in Ledyard, CT. We are dedicated to providing excellent craftsmanship and client satisfaction based on our considerable knowledge and skills in the sector. Every project is approached with meticulous attention to detail and an emphasis on efficiency. You can count on Joe the Plumber to deliver dependable and cost-effective solutions that keep your home comfortable and your systems functioning properly.

Mini-Split Installation in Ledyard

Mini-splits provide a cost-efficient heating alternative for your Ledyard CT home. These compact units have enough power to heat a single room or area. They save energy because they’re smaller than whole-house heating systems. They’re ductless, so you don’t pay for the heat usually lost in systems that rely on ductwork. You may also qualify for low-interest rate Energize CT Financing.

Call Joe The Plumber

When you’re looking for a plumber in Ledyard CT, call Joe the Plumber. We provide the plumbing services you need, and we give you a workmanship guarantee. To schedule an appointment, visit our Contact Page and tell us about your repair or maintenance issue.