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Everyone has dealt with a clogged toilet or leak at some point.If your DIY attempts to fix the problem haven’t worked, it’s time to call the professionals. Our Enfield, CT team can assist with troublesome bathroom issues and save you time, money, and a big mess.
If your toilet has a stubborn clog, we have a way to fix it.Another common situation is a toilet that constantly runs and needs repairs to prevent a huge water bill. Toilet leaks?We can seal the deal and patch-up those, too.Septic repairs are no match for our licensed and insured technicians.

What Causes a Clogged Toilet?

Often, people dispose of foreign material in their toilets, thinking to flush their troubles away.Toilets simply aren’t equipped to deal with that.Over time, these things build up and lead to a major problem.We know all the tricks of the trade for fix your Enfield toilet clogs.

Older toilets are especially predisposed to clogging. These systems have natural build ups of minerals that eventually thin the drains by clinging to the walls.While newer toilets are more capable, they still are not meant for paper towels, cat litter, and excess toilet paper.

We Can Repair your Toilet in Enfield!

Don’t wait for your clogged toilet, leak, or running tank to worsen.Serious consequences can be costly and cause damage to your home. Call us today and we can help you with our professional and friendly service.Licensed and fully insured, we can handle complex or simple problems from our convenient Enfield, CT location. We offer affordable prices and expert plumbers.

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