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Winterize, Drain Water Tank, Flush System, Prime Systems, Inspections and more…

Joe the Plumber – Cottage Openings and Closings

Servicing the Connecticut Shoreline, we offer specialized programs for coastal cottage openings and closings.

Our licensed service technicians have been trained on the proper techniques for cottage openings and closings. Come spring, your cottage will be ready and waiting for your enjoyment. And as the cold weather creeps in, our service technicians will flush and winterize your plumbing, equipment, and appliances. Don’t worry about your cottages plumbing and equipment, that’s our job!

Seasonal Cottage Closing Service Includes:

  • Complete drain of all water from plumbing system (pump and lines, wells, traps)
  • Winterize and drain necessary appliances (fridges, ice makers, dishwashers, toilets, etc.)
  • Pressure tank, hot water tank, and line will be serviced and treated
  • Flush and winterize entire plumbing system with anti-coagulant

Seasonal Cottage Opening Services Includes:

  • Flush plumbing system in the spring
  • Prime all water systems
  • Inspect and maintain water pump and foot valve
  • Prepare all plumbing, appliances, and water purification systems for usage


Why Choose Us?

Connecticut winters can be brutal and your cottage is one of your most valuable assets, not to mention super fun! But your summer months can be shortened if your spending time with pricey repairs from broken pipes and appliances. You need a trusted professional to prepare your summer home for the winter months, then open it just in time for summer. Our experts have hands-on experience with all facets of cottage openings and closings. We put our customers first and we offer the professional qualifications to give you the level of service you require.

  • We are licensed and insured plumbing professionals.
  • We comply with state and local codes.
  • We offer professional workmanship for a reasonable price.
  • Centrally located on the Clinton shoreline.
  • We are experts in winterizing and draining water tanks and appliances, flushing entire plumbing systems and more…

At Joe the Plumber, we offer professional, dependable service to keep your cottage safe during the winter months. Contact us at (860) 614-7157 for a cottage opening and closing plumbing consultation or schedule an appointment online.

Servicing the shoreline and all of Connecticut

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